The Just Mission

design and apply innovative technologies to dramatically expand global access to biotherapeutics

Our story

Just Biotherapeutics was founded in 2014 by an experienced team spanning the fields of protein, process and manufacturing sciences to help complete a mission that began in the early 1980’s. This mission has been to solve the scientific and technical hurdles blocking access to life changing protein therapeutics. Completing the mission will require an intense focus on the development of innovative and integrated technologies; from the design of therapeutic molecules to the design of the facilities used for manufacturing them.

In 2019, Just joined forces with Evotec SE and now, as a combined organization, “Just – Evotec Biologics” is creating global access through evolutionary technology. Connecting the Just biologics platform “J.DESIGN” with the strong therapeutic and preclinical biology of Evotec creates a powerful, integrated approach to biotherapeutics.

Evotec and Just - Evotec Biologics - Powerful technological solutions through integration

The scope of Just – Evotec Biologics’ J.DESIGN platform is from discovery through manufacturing and facility design, creating a powerful and unique end-to-end integrated biologics platform. Artificial intelligence and machine learning are being applied across a common data set to create high quality molecules in discovery that, in turn, drive more productive manufacturing processes for implementation in low-cost, highly-flexible manufacturing facilities.

As we connect Evotec’s EVOpanOmics and EVOpanHunter clinical prediction capabilities to selecting molecules that are more developable and easier to manufacture, we create an opportunity for rapid entry and success in the clinic. Further connection with Evotec preclinical biology through a powerful INDiGO platform will ensure high quality IND packages for initial proof of concept studies.
Coupling all this work to flexible, low-cost commercial manufacturing at geographically diverse locations creates a real Autobahn for delivering global access to biologics. A growing J.POD® facility network will radically differentiate Evotec as a major player in biologics in the coming years.

We named the company Just because the word suggests a sense of fairness and equality. A minority of our world is enjoying a literal medical revolution as the understanding of biology enables the discovery and development of life changing therapeutics. At Just – Evotec Biologics our passion and mission is to help bring this medical revolution to the entire world.