for the identification of superior antibody therapeutics

J.HALSM is a revolutionary AI-driven discovery platform, producing diverse human antibodies with broad efficacy features biased toward developability, enabling rapid entry and success in the clinic. Using generative adversarial networks (GANs), J.HAL offers a new class of AI-derived antibodies – optimized for development, manufacturing, and in-use characteristics – better suited as biotherapeutics.

A highly efficient starting point for drug discovery and development projects across a broad range of indications.

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The J.HAL Difference

  • Fully human antibodies with broad diversity
  • Designed and sequence-biased in silico for superior efficacy, efficiency, and developability features
  • Lead discovery with decreased time and cost

Antibodies discovered with J.HAL can benefit from all of the integrated services of Just – Evotec Biologic’s J.DESIGN technology platform for biotherapeutic development

Antibody Attribute In Vivo Approaches Traditional Libraries J.HAL℠ Library
Description Evolved for affinity Designed for diversity in CDRs Designed for diversity, humanness, and developability