J.POD Solutions

providing partners with unmatched flexibility to quickly and cost-effectively produce high quality early phase clinical to commercial biologic drug substances


J.POD 1 US cGMP clinical through commercial manufacturing options

  • Accommodates, perfusion, intensified fed-batch, semi-continuous, and continuous manufacturing processes up to 500L scale delivering a few kilograms to metric tons of drug substance in a single facility
  • Expert consulting – design phase through approval
  • Explore our full suite of CDMO services leveraging J.DESIGN

The J.POD approach

  • J.POD uses disposable technologies and intensified processes to create a flexible, deployable, and cost-effective manufacturing solution
  • Intensified bioprocessing performed in modular autonomous cleanrooms to reduce overall plant size
  • Flexible capacity for product demand fluctuations
  • Geographically deployable
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